Benefits of the Project

As a made-in-B.C. sustainable energy resource for B.C.’s North Coast, the Project will:

Provide long-term, sustainable jobs, training, and economic benefits

NAIK_Images_Flickr_Winky_360x271-bThe Project will provide for opportunities along B.C.’s north coast through construction and ongoing maintenance and monitoring employment opportunities, complemented by training and other ancillary benefits resulting from the project.

Provide a scalable, cost-effective, renewable resource that could be expanded as demand grows

Wind energy is one of the cleanest, most abundant and cost-effective resources we can use to generate power. It is also one of the fastest growing sources for electricity in the world and offshore wind projects such as this project are successfully operating in Europe, Asia and New England today. And offshore wind is one of the fastest growing renewable energy markets in the world, with great long-term potential to overtake other carbon-based sources of electricity. The Project can support B.C.’s commitment to develop clean, renewable, made-in-B.C. electricity and can make a significant contribution to meeting B.C.’s growing energy needs in the North West.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and contribute to cleaner industrial development

Historically many industries have depended on carbon based fuels for their electricity. The Project will contribute to meaningful and sustainable ways to mitigate impacts of industry in northern B.C.